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Meghan Colburn, MPS

Meghan Colburn, MPS

Meghan is an excited and passionate member of the HR community! While she specializes in recruitment and onboarding, her current role is an HR Director for a Behavioral Health agency that focuses on providing ABA therapy for children within the Autism Spectrum. While sleeping is required for successful human functioning, during her free time she is an HR Consultant and most recently took an offer for an instructor/training position at Penn State University! Meghan is open and willing to learn and offer resources to those in need!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Find your function!!! This means, HR is full of many different functions such as recruitment, benefits, payroll, etc. Ask yourself if you want a focused and specialized area or if you are open to a broad role that covers many different facets!!