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Mark Staples, TheRecruitmentGuy

Mark Staples, TheRecruitmentGuy

With 23 years of staffing & recruitment experience #TheRecruitmentGuy is HR's best friend, most valuable staffing and recruitment asset, knows where and how to find those 'needles in the haystacks' and runs on caffeine, vacancy specs and great partnerships. ??

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

1. HR is to manage the madness and not take it personally. 2. Respect 3. Integrity 4. Ensure the employee's feel valued ... 5. That they belong. 6. Dont forget to smile. 7. And finally ensure payroll runs on time. "HR is the glue that holds the company together" If all else fails call... #TheRecruitmentGuy ??