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Lizzette Romero

Lizzette Romero

Lizzette is a senior HR pro, who is passionate about cooking, traveling and her two daughters. In order to enjoy her passions, she has continued to lean into the ever evolving HR profession and has continued to learn and grow with each role. Her HR journey started while on a paraprofessional rotation at a large accounting organization in NYC. She fell into the compliance side of it and found her paralegal certification useful to understand the legal end of the profession. From campus recruiting, consulting, employee relations, organizational and project management to benefits and payroll, she has evolved into a strategic business partner. No longer a caretaker, she can focus on continuing her versatile HR journey with no time limits. She's grateful to have had the exposure to so many different fields and industries.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Learn as much as you can in your early years and document your achievements. Our industry tends to overlook our value so you must self promote and be your own advocate.