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Lisa D. Duckworth, MSML, SPHR

Lisa D. Duckworth, MSML, SPHR

Lisa is an experienced, educated, Human Resources certified business leader and US Army veteran with military, construction, energy, nonprofit, healthcare & government industries knowledge. She enjoys empowering organizations to do great things with amazing people! Her mantra is: Life is good, work can be fun, and no matter what challenge, you can always find something positive. Challenging the status quo and igniting innovation is the spice of life! Lisa is currently the lone Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) for the State of Utah in Workforce Services. She provides strategic and operational expertise to employers and other interested organizations that want to enhance Veteran, Military Member and Military Spouse employment, training and development initiatives across the great state of Utah. She also oversees the Utah Patriot Partnership program, a network of employers who have taken the pledge to make veteran employment a priority.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

No matter your role, you always have the power to influence. Keep a learning mindset and come into situations with curiosity. Nothing is finite.