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Kelly Hovey

Kelly Hovey

Kelly is an HR Manager whose passion is to help people find their truest self and live in alignment with that person. She views HR as a versatile puzzle whose pieces can be put together in multiple ways for the good of business and people. Kelly has degrees in Cross Cultural Studies and HR Management and has worked in many industries including biotech, engineering, finance, real estate, and construction. She has brought a unique sense of structure, empathy, and insightful ways of viewing the world to each role she has filled. When not worked in HR, she can be found hiking or paddle boarding with her kids, reading a book, or building up a local community of misfits and mystics.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Be YOU! There are thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of HR Professionals but only one you. Find a way, even as you begin your career, to ensure your strengths, passions, and personal quirks show up in your work as an HR Professional.