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HR Maverick

Kelley Rexroad

Kelley Rexroad

Designer of HR systems and processes to bring the best out of a person and an organization || Behavior Analyst || Coach || Consultant || Interim/fractional CHRO || Board Member || Virtual Instructor || Strategic Adviser More than 30 years of studying data, changing behaviors, and leading people in global locations across multiple industries. Works closely with senior executives and boards. An independent thinker who helps align and build workplace cultures. Identifies, develops, and implements tailored succession plans. Modifies and coaches behavior through appropriate analysis, reinforcement, and changes in environment. A strong understanding of systems and their interactions. Creative in strategy and tactical in execution. Believes in compliance as the fundamental on which a strong foundation is built. Helps leaders to stop shaking their heads about their employees--and employees to find their passion in their jobs! Known as big company expert with front porch common sense. A nationally published author who is a much sought-after speaker. Recognized with multiple awards. A proud mentor to many! Rescues bully dogs and is a nearly 45 gallon platelet donor!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Stay connected, stay current in your knowledge, learn. Listen. Build your managerial courage and your personal brand as an HR professional.