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Katherine McCord, Innovating HR With Integrity

Katherine McCord, Innovating HR With Integrity

With global best hiring practices and true diversity hiring as her driving forces, Katherine launched Titan Management, a premier national talent acquisition and consulting organization, in 2014 in Dallas, Texas. Titan grew with great success across multiple industries, and has expanded services to take a more team-focused, less agency-style approach. Then, in 2020, she launched the international online show and podcast Career Launch Live, which tackles everything from best job seeker practices and DE&I to employee relations and payday law. Now, her patent-pending, anti-bias applicant tracking system, Titan ATS, is disrupting hiring technology and the way we look at applicants! It has been featured in Web Summit and HR Disruptor, as well as several publications.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Get ready! This roller coaster will take you up, down, and all around. Just always put integrity first and never be afraid to stand up for the people you support and what you know is right.

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