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Joy Banfield

Joy Banfield

Joy is passionate about matching People and Operations strategy in a way that causes a win-win-win relationship for everyone. In addition to her experience in HR and People Operations, Joy served as Chief of Staff to the CEO at TekBrands from 2019-2022, and during that time was involved on the sell-side of the Private Equity transaction process. Having the additional insight into business operations and strategy, she returned to her specialty of People Operations where she is passionate about partnering closely with entrepreneurial leaders to grow businesses from the ground up by truly operating in a people-first environment.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Look for opportunities. Take risks. Understand the business operations first before solving people operations problems.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Joy Banfield:

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We've all had the experience of applying for a job and never hearing any response. It doesn't feel respectful, does it? How you communicate with job applicants can make or break a great candidate experience. Read on for tips to improve your correspondence and increase candidate engagement.

Executive Exemption

It’s critical that you understand the criteria for the executive employee exemption to ensure all employees are being fairly compensated and you are complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Stay Interview

Discover the power of stay interviews! The stay interview is a powerful HR tool to assess the health and wellness of an organization. Unleash the potential for transformational change within your organization by delving into stay interviews.