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Jonathan Braziller

Jonathan Braziller

Jonathan's passion is making a difference in one persons day, each day and being able to see the difference he is making. This is what led him down the path of HR. He has specialization in Human Relations and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. Although theory is great, his expertise and knowledge stems from his work experience. He's had 5+ years working as a manager in a unionized city, 1+ years for a media company and has 6+ years of experience in the HR SaaS world. During this time, he's helped build employee Engagement, Onboarding and Recognition software. For each software, he was a specialist for implementing the products into organizations and research to help grow each one.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

You're making a difference-even if it's just for once person. Know that just a smile, actively listening or just reaching out can have a long lasting affect on someone. When times inevitably get tough, don't forget that what you do matters ?.