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Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker

Jessica is a Better Work Activist, Career By Design Advocate, Strategy & Systems Nerd who has been a Workplace Rebel her entire career. Jessica is a former digital transformation and product executive and it’s through this lens that she saw a clear way to push the boundaries of product thinking by reframing the Workplace As A Product and creating human-centered employee experiences all while advocating for more progressive ways of working and unconventional solutions to common workplaces challenges. Now her work centers around creating the #futureofwork by reframing the workplace as a product and helping companies evolve the employee experiences, people practices, and business processes that support and meet the needs of their people.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

We are in a great time to reimagine what the future of HR can be. Take some time to “learn the ropes” but don’t get too tied to the ways things have always been done. Understand the biz and your people, then get creative in the ways you solve for them. This, my friend, is where the people magic happens.