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Jesi McLellan, SPHR

Jesi McLellan, SPHR

Jesi is a certified HR Professional with 6+ years of experience, mostly in heavy manufacturing. She has been an HR Dept. of One through most of her career thus far and has had the opportunity to wear many different hats along the way. She has a BSBA and an MBA concentrated in HR Management and an MSA in HR Administration. Jesi has also successfully passed both the PHR and SPHR exams on her first attempt.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

There are so many aspects of HR that you don’t want to commit to just 1 in the beginning and learn what really drives you.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Jesi McLellan, SPHR:

Relocation Bonus

Need to deepen your company’s talent pool? A relocation bonus is a great way to attract talent from other areas of the country or globe.