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Jeri Rosenberg

Jeri Rosenberg

Jeri is a strong believer in creating a culture of innovation, respect and collaboration. With a progressive career in both HR and Operations she excels at the people experience. As a strategic partner she sets a goal to have all areas of an organization working together towards a common vision. Creating new is Jeri's sweet spot. As an HRBP with restaurants she has opened new regions including opening 7 restaurants in 10 months, as an HR Director with a hotel company she has changed flagships and managed contract negotiations. She has created training departments for retail and restaurants. Currently with a non-profit healthcare company, Jeri has oversight of more than 700 employees in 3 states. She has created and manages programs for over 5,000 in 5 states in mentorship, rewards, diversity & inclusion, and settlement of International employees. Jeri has volunteered her HR knowledge for groups such as her congregation as an HR consultant; DEED creating pathways to employment; Luther Seminary, creating business classes for seminary students and various 2nd chance and service groups to help people get back in the work force after trying times.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Learning to pivot is important. The process and outcome will probably not go quite the way you planned.