HR Mavericks

HR Maverick

Jamie Nagle, SPHR

Jamie Nagle, SPHR

Jamie is an HR professional that is consistently trusted to take on challenging tasks for the benefit of the organization. A 20-year career in virtually all areas of human resources has provided an opportunity to understand how all elements of the business benefit when people are at the core of the decision-making process. Building a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees feel valued and are encouraged to bring their ‘whole-self’ to work every day, provides a workforce that will out-produce, out-perform and out-innovate all competitors. A passion for people drives my success in creating strategically aligned platforms and processes that ensure organizational success.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Don't be afraid to start at an entry level HR position. You will learn so much along the way and your growth path will be so much stronger when you take the time to learn the core HR rules and laws and how they play into helping an organization grow rather than paralyzing it.