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Isabel Phillips-Rangel, MBA

Isabel Phillips-Rangel, MBA

Isabel is an HR Generalist with 3 years experience working at Meadows Resources ( HR consulting company). She has worked in many industries ( oil and gas, start up businesses in health care, non-profit, firearms. She has vast experience dealing with variety of people. Has also provided businesses with HR servies and solutions to fit their business needs including: audits, compliance advice, developing employment handbooks, policy creations, employee relations, conflict management, training and development, onboarding & orientations. She has completed her MBA in December 2020 with an empashis is HR from Texas Woman’s University .

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Be a sponge. Take in everything that is giving to you and keep learning. So much in HR is reading and staying up to date on things so be being a sponge, learning and soaking all the information in is always a good thing.