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Hunter Anglemyer

Hunter Anglemyer

Hunter is a Talent Acquisition Manager who loves his job. Learning & problem solving are his true passions. Working in talent acquisition allows him to utilize his psychology background, learn about others, & help people find careers they will love.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

HR will open up limitless opportunities for growth, learning, & helping others. In an ever evolving area of knowledge, I am always learning!

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Hunter Anglemyer:

Motivational Interviewing in the Workplace

Humans are fascinating, and science has a lot to offer the organizational world. Built on foundational principles of motivation, Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a must for the modern workplace. While we must acknowledge we are not therapists, we can learn a lot from what they do. Want to learn how to empower your team? Let us dive in!

Rejection Letter

Nobody wants to write a rejection letter, much less multiple rejection letters. However, a well written rejection letter can both create opportunities and help applicants move on with a positive impression of your organization. In this article, you’ll learn how to write a professional, empathetic rejection letter for any circumstance.

Job Post

A job post, or job posting, is an external advertisement that provides an overview of a position you’re hiring for. Job posts are used to recruit qualified applicants and a well-written job description can help reduce time and money spent on recruiting.

Continue reading to learn what a job post is, the importance of having a good job post, how to write a job post and where to list job postings.