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Hannah Olvera Doman

Hannah Olvera Doman

Hannah has spent her HR career as a strategic business partner to fast-growing, innovative technology teams. As a generalist, she has experience in employee on-boarding, employer branding, employee and manager development, HR systems, mergers/acquisitions, and employee experience.
Hannah received a BS in Human Resource Management from Brigham Young University and holds a PHR certification.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

HR is not only an interdisciplinary field but an ever-changing one as well. Continual study and professional development is key to success.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Hannah Olvera Doman:

Occupational Stress

Occupational stress impacts everyone, harming individuals and organizations. Learn how to identify early signs of stress and how to manage or eliminate its causes for both you and your organization.

Multi-Rater Feedback

Do you struggle with getting employees useful feedback? There are many ways to help employees evaluate and improve their performance. Multi-rater feedback is one such technique, and it carries many pros and cons. Read on to learn if multi-rater feedback can be effective for your organization.

Passive Candidates

Have you posted your open position on every job board you can think of and you still don’t have the right applicant for that hard to fill role? This article will help you source passive talent so that you can find the perfect candidate for your hard-to-fill role.