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Ewa Stelmach

Ewa Stelmach

Ewa is an HR Analyst with over 7 years experience in work with HR data. She's got an experience with implementing and maintaining HRIS. She also takes care about providing meaningful insight to the HR data for the company by designing and providing KPIs and other metrics. Her passion is HR data, collecting it, managing in the database and visualizing them. She is also interested in process improvement and automation.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

I can have an advice just for HR analysts and the advice is: be patient. You need time to learn it all :)

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Ewa Stelmach:

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Recruitment is a never-ending task for many of us. Do you ever wonder how effective your efforts are and if you could improve them? Recruitment KPIs can help. Read on to learn how and why.