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Dayvisson DaSilva

Dayvisson DaSilva

At IBM Dayvisson help clients digitally transform their businesses by solving strategic and tactical business problems with IBM's proven cognitive and cloud technology solutions. Dayvisson is a husband, father, son and a friend. His daily Mantra is to LEARN - SOLVE - SERVE. Hitting those 3 areas is his definition of a good day. Top 5 Gallup Strengths are Empathy, Connectedness, Discipline, Futuristic, and Developer. During his MBA Dayvisson completed a HR Talent Acquisition internship at Intel and received a few HR Certifications. He was also a SHRM chapter president on campus and has always been very passionate about HR related topics. Since College he has helped many College students and recent grads to get internships and jobs as a Career Coach Strategist. Currently he also supports his Alma Mater as an Online Adjunct Instructor for an Interpersonal Communications Class. Dayvisson is constantly striving for additional knowledge and wisdom by a never-ending pursuit of additional education, network relationships, and life-challenging experiences.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

No matter if you work directly with HR or not you are here in this group because you have the HR bug. What is the HR bug? PEOPLE. You not only care about serving people but you are passionate about maximizing people's potential. It is contagious! I have it. You also have it. The bug is all over us. Let's work together and make a difference as a HR Maverick!