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Chelsea Riordan

Chelsea Riordan

Coming all the way to you from Tampa, Fl. Chelsea has had a technical recruiting background for about 5 years now. In her last role, she helped implement recruiting strategies for data analysts, data engineers, project managers and data architects. The special sauce she bring to the candidate experience is her ability to create and maintain strong relationships through laughter. Outside of work ,Chelsea is also a full time mom to her 3 year old daughter Sage. When they get the chance, you can find them at the pool, park or the ever so popular Chuck E Cheese’s.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Since recruiting isn't a hard skill to develop, the one differentiator between you and another candidate is what special sauce you bring to the table. May that be your electric personality, ability to break down high level concepts, or what have you, ultimately you have to have confidence in yourself and what you bring to the industry to get it. Honestly, sometimes you got to just "fake it, to make it"!