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Chad Hamilton, MHR

Chad Hamilton, MHR

Chad is an HR professional turned sales who enjoys making content about sales and employee engagement and HR.
  • He works at Awardco in Utah.
  • Masters Degree in Human Resources from Utah State (Go Aggies!).
  • Lover of great memes and witty jokes
  • Embraces the grind because to see results
He is passionate about helping all people reach their goals and encourage them to never give up. He loves motivating people to have more grit and push through adversity, all while having light hearted humor.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

HR has so many different avenues to persuade. Ranging from benefits, compensation, employee relations and more. Quickly determine the aspects you are most interested in and becomes an expert in that space. HR is becoming a much more serious aspect for organizations. Become the valuable asset the company needs

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Chad Hamilton, MHR:

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