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Carol J. Cooley, SPHR

Carol J. Cooley, SPHR

Carol Cooley is a People & Talent executive known for creating holistic, integrated people strategies that drive business results. She has 20 years of deep expertise in all facets of HR, particularly in the healthcare, financial services and technology space. Carol is a culture catalyst and helps organizations and their people grow, change and transform. When she's not at work, you may find Carol in the garden, cooking or spending time with her family and 2 dogs.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Spend as much time learning the business as you do learning about the people.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Carol J. Cooley, SPHR:

Mergers and Acquisitions

When companies combine, HR has big roles to fill. Mergers and acquisitions require a great deal of planning in order to execute flawlessly. HR professionals are involved in many aspects of the process, so read on to learn more about the considerations and how you can help.