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Brent Watson

Brent Watson

Brent Watson enjoys problem solving, analyzing data, team building, and becoming an HR Guru. His work experience comes from the employee experience, recruiting, and training arenas. After attending a local HR conference, Brent knew that he had found his people and the problems he wanted to solve for in the business world.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

I have found networking to be key in developing my career, HR related or not. Networking can be compared to building bridges – It will help you overcome any obstacle you face, whether that be finding a job, identifying your niche, taking the next step in your career, or becoming a more well-rounded professional.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Brent Watson:

Individual Development Plan

You want to take your organization to the next level and ensure that all employees are engaged in their work. How can you accomplish this goal? This article will introduce you to the individual development plan (IDP) which can create greater focus and commitment and reveal new opportunities in your company.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

What’s the difference between an employee stock purchase plan and an employee stock ownership plan? When should a company consider implementing one or the other? These are a few of the topics covered in this article.


An employee approaches you about increasing their pay. Are you comfortable responding? This article will help you learn more about when to give raises, how much a raise should be, and what factors influence the decision. Preparation in the early stages of this process makes all the difference when the conversation arises.


You’ve heard of apprenticeships, and maybe you're wondering if they can help your organization. In this article, we will discuss what an apprenticeship is, the pros and cons of offering one, and how to build an apprenticeship program.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

You've probably heard about the Family and Medical Leave Act. This law can be challenging to understand. Does it apply to your company, and if so, how do you stay in compliance with it? What are the consequences if you don't? Here are the basics to know as you begin to learn about this important aspect of HR work. Disclaimer: The below article on FMLA is not, nor should be used as, official training material for the FMLA certification test as offered by the Department of Labor. This is simply information on the basics of FMLA. Consult if you wish to pursue an actual FMLA certification or want the fine details.

Workplace Stereotyping

Has a boss ever assumed something about you that was untrue? The origin of that assumption came from a stereotype and left unchecked, they can slow and stop your company’s growth. Read on to find out how to help your organization avoid this potential roadblock.

Generational Diversity

Diversity is commanding organizations’ attention from center stage. However, generational diversity in the workplace is often overlooked compared to race and gender diversity. This article covers what you need to know to help your workforce be generationally diverse.

Culture Discrimination

Discrimination is harmful to your business and attracting top talent. Have you reviewed how culture discrimination impacts your business and identified how to prevent it? Read on as we cover these topics and more.

Juneteenth Workplace Celebration

Has someone asked you if your company is doing anything for Juneteenth? If you don’t know where to start, this article is for you. Read on to understand the history of Juneteenth and how celebrating it can improve your organization.

Training Efficiency

You know training will make your business better, but are unsure how to communicate the importance to your boss or leadership. Being able to explain the training efficiency helps you provide both personal stories as well as data to make a convincing case and ensure your program is on the right track. Read on to see how this can help your business.

Labor Cost

What is the impact of hiring an employee on your company’s bottom line? Knowing your company's labor cost can help you answer that question and ensure sustainable workforce growth and profitability.

Standard Deviation

During a meeting someone mentions the results of a standard deviation analysis and you don’t feel it applies to you. But actually, standard deviation is a great analysis you need to be familiar with. Read on to discover its impact in human resources.

Stay Strategy

Your superstar employee—whom you worked so hard to recruit, hire, and onboard!—informs you that they are leaving the company. They make a huge impact and help raise the bar for everyone else around them. The news is devastating, but there is still something you can do besides let them walk out the door.

Succession Planning

You’re amazed by your current leadership team and the results they are able to obtain month after month. At times you wonder what would happen to your company if they decided to take another offer or retire. Is there something you should be doing to prepare for this? This article will cover what a succession plan is, how to start a succession plan, and examples of a company's succession plan.