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Brandi M Fannell, Ph.D.

Brandi M Fannell, Ph.D.

Brandi has spent over 15 years in mid-to-large size companies and startups overseeing and leading the employee experience. She has led and managed several areas within the HR function including talent acquisition/recruiting, employee engagement, employee recognition, learning + development, performance management, and internal communications. In every position she has held, she purposed to “do HR differently” by focusing more on behavior and culture, rather than policy and procedure. Eventually, Brandi started to leverage her academic prowess in I/O psychology and her extensive training in leadership development to help colleagues and friends analyze their own work cultures and create action plans to help make their organizations healthy and profitable. A firm believer in a company grows only as its people grow, Brandi considers herself a lifelong learner and professional student. She is a certified facilitator and coach, and when not cultivating leaders she serves as Board Vice President of the JMF Memorial Foundation, that was started in memory of her late brother. The foundation supports community programs that help develop youth with creative talent and grant scholarships to students in the performing arts.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Stay genuine. Remember why you started. Being the smartest in the room won't help you influence behavior or policy change. It's the relationships you have with others that will make you successful. Can you be trusted? How well do you listen? Are you a good coach. That's what matters.

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