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Blake James Wilson

Blake James Wilson

Blake is the Michaelangelo of recruiting. (We're talking turtles here not painters) Blake has a life rule that he lives by of "Put People First and Fun Will Follow." From the board room to the pickleball court to being the best Dad he can that rule is always in place. He builds human centric processes and is the kind of person that will always be on your team and have your back. This is a guy who genuinely wants to help people succeed.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

You may have fallen into this role. This may not be the role you dreamt of butyou are now in the business of people. When people are your product or your business you have a unique opportunity to create experiences and processes that change lives. Never forget that the people you serve are the most important thing in your career and the first thing people say about why they like where they work is the people they work with.