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Ben DeSpain

Ben DeSpain

Ben is a strategic and dynamic human resources executive with deep expertise honed through nearly two decades of global experience across multiple industries. Intently focused on improving organizational effectiveness, Ben has a passion for people-centric servant leadership. He is highly skilled at building and sustaining high-performing centers of excellence and innovative global organizations. With a firm belief that the employee experience can be improved through engagement, talent development, leadership and purposeful people strategies, Ben is focused on what success looks like for colleagues across the organization. He is dedicated to improving organizational culture and the employee experience by establishing his organization as an employer of choice.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

We are going through a rather unprecedented time of change and transformation, your thoughts and ideas are just as relevant as someone who is an experienced HR professional. It's going to take us all to understand where we go from here. And, above all, this is YOUR career, not someone else's. Don't measure your growth (or lack of it) against anyone else. Just go do your thing, work hard, be positive, be kind, and you'll have great opportunities open up for you.