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Bari Mills

Bari Mills

Innovative, empathetic, and people-centric HR leader with a passion for all things people, culture, strategy, and inclusion! HR has always been seen as the “administrative plague” of an organization - the people that come to end careers not celebrate achievements. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “It’s all fun and games until someone calls HR”. Well, my professional goal in life is to address and eliminate this stigma by cultivating a positive, innovative, and rewarding employee experience, culture, and company P&P for a growing organization looking to challenge the status quo. A great employee experience is the result of people coming together to help support, celebrate, and develop one another in collaborative, meaningful, and productive ways, and to achieve this result, we must first understand that employees are in fact human beings -they are complex, purposeful, driven, emotional, divergent, and valuable people. People with differentiating goals, values, and belief systems; people that have families and friends they support or care for. With that said, the second most important thing to consider are soft skills - empathy, creativity, emotional intelligence, respect, honesty, integrity, and authenticity. In fact, when I look back on my career, I realize that incorporating soft skills helped to make the biggest impact on employee experience, culture, and policy. Therefore, my biggest goal when joining an organization is to not only be a voice and liaison for people, but to be a change agent for employees’ success so that together we can help an organization reach its goals, collectively. My main focus is to be a strategic business partner that can provide constructive input and practical support, taking project ownership on business objectives and initiatives pertaining to talent acquisition, talent and leadership development, policy creation, performance management, succession planning, DEI, employee engagement and retention efforts, and employee experience. I desire to coach leadership and people managers to help drive employee engagement and retention by utilizing an innovative approach to building an inviting, personable, & cohesive company culture that is built on trust, transparency, and integrity. I hope to be a driving force for ensuring that company policies are created and implemented with the wellbeing of employees being held in the highest regard and consideration, while at the same time growing the organization. If we share similar passions and values, let’s connect!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Two of my favorite quotes that I take with me throughout my career are (1) “At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies”, and (2) “Your peers’ success is your success, and your success is their success”. Both show that having and caring for great people is the common denominator to growing and maintaining a successful and innovative business.