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Arielle Paulson

Arielle Paulson

Arielle is just starting her career in Human Resource Management by furthering her education @ Western Governor's University. One of the many reasons she chose this career path was her interest in psychology, sociology, and politics. There is no denying that the current climate of Employer/Employees is off balance. She wants to make a difference in the company she eventually ends up working for to help the employees know they are an asset to the company and give them the support needed to thrive and have a great work/life balance. And everything in between so there is no miscommunication. She believes it is the best way to reach the quality of life for not only the individuals and their bosses but the communities surrounding them and so on. She feels very privileged to be a part of this initiative and hopes to make a significant difference in all with who she comes into contact!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

I, too, am just starting my HR journey. The best advice I have got is this. It is better to try and fail than it is to not have tried at all. Failing is also a necessary part of the learning process that does not mean giving up but rather dusting yourself off and trying again. And it does not matter where you used to work or your socioeconomic background or status, you can do this! There are so many successful people who came from some of the poorest and undereducated communities that found the courage, against all odds, to take that chance and change their future for the best! I try and remind myself every day of these two wonderful pieces of advice. It's really helped me and I hope it helps someone else remember their worth and keep trying their best every day!