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Anthony Dadante

Anthony Dadante

Tony DaDante is a revered renaissance man whose expertise in Inclusion-Led Culture Change and Executive Coaching has made him a trusted partner to the many CEO’s and Executives around the globe including the likes of President George Bush. This Boston College MBA credits much of his success to Mike Beer and Chris Argyris from the Harvard Business School and Alan Kaye EVP Mattel Toys, and John Hofmeister Retired CEO of Shell Oil for instilling the right challenges into his life and teaching him about how People Transformation comes first. Tony inculcates the value of UNLEARNING- RELEARNING-PROPELLING into teams as they generate Growth and endlessly search for Disruption opportunities. The heart of his work for the last three decades has centered around deftly surfacing the Undiscussables that fester into silent killers that stall Strategy Execution and Organization learning. These business tenets have been extremely helpful to clients in today’s fragile business space. Tony’s thesis on sustaining change is centered in the simplicity of creating Safe Spaces for employees at all levels to have HONEST, COMPELLING, FORWARD FACING, PUBLIC CONVERSATIONS and then asking his clients to lock those behavior changes into their Performance Plans and Leadership Learning platforms. A highly successful Senior Executive with tours of duty in Human Resources, Marketing, and Manufacturing with Blue chip companies like Mattel Toys, Honeywell/Allied Signal, Eaton/Vickers, Harley Davidson, and Hewlett Packard. Tony is a true advocate for people from all walks of life. He is active in especially important movements like BLM, ME TOO and Special Forces Charities in addition to a lifetime commitment made against the Cancers that have affected his family. He becomes energized helping cultures and leaders change direction, challenge their outdated assumptions, and encourage all to speak truth to power!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Don't rely on certifications. Run a business and P&L. Get MBA from top school with top professors. Work for best in class companies. Start out in other than HR.