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Angie Luo

Angie Luo

Angie's personal mission statement is to flow toward love and celebrate. Her professional background is in higher education and social impact consulting, including over 11 years managing projects at the intersection of interfaith and political education, awareness, and cooperation. She is passionate about using technology and design to create workplaces and communities where joy, authenticity, and creativity are celebrated and where everyone has access to what they need to flourish. When she's not freelance consulting on all things culture and operations, you can find her reading, writing, doing ceramics and enjoying nature.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Angie Luo:

Gig Economy

Funny name. Real force. This trend in the labor market has the potential to not only disrupt but redefine the employee-employer relationship. What does this mean to HR professionals? What should you be aware of and do differently about it? To learn more, read this article.