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Angela Livingston

Angela Livingston

Angela Livingston, SHRM-CP, MBA has nearly a decade of HR experience in high regulated, high tech companies that are Federal Contractors and supported people in other states. She’s worked for an international company with ~20K US employees that did a lot of immigration work, and she’s worked for a company with ~3500 US employees that doesn’t support work visas. One constant is that she’s always working with people empathetically with an eye on integrity.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

My advice for those just starting out in HR is multi-pronged: learn employment law, build your own support network, and learn to analyze data for story telling. It is an opinion of course, but in my opinion you can’t be confident in the advice you are giving if you aren’t well educated in employment law first. You have to be able to pick up on the flags that indicate there’s possibly an employment law element involved without anyone specifically asking you. This doesn’t mean you have to have them all memorized or that you have to become an employment law attorney. It does mean that you need to know when you need to pause a conversation to look up some details, ask other HR professionals, and/or consult with an attorney.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Angela Livingston:

Performance Improvement Plans

What can you do when a previously great employee has stopped performing beautifully or your new hire just isn’t stacking up to your hopes? Read on for all the tips and advice you need to write, deliver and close a solid performance improvement plan (PIP).

Drug-free Workplace

Of course you want your employees and workplace to be drug-free, and your employee handbook should present your expectations and policies around drug use. But companies who contract with federal agencies are legally bound to comply with the Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988. Read on to learn how to do so.

Employee Relations

When should you start thinking about the employee experience? How and why should you try to manage it? Learn what employee engagement has to do with employee relations in this article.

Employee Tenure

Need to determine the average tenure in a hurry? Not sure how to entice your employees to stay with your company longer? This employee tenure article will give you everything you need to know, from understanding what tenure is to a step-by-step guide for increasing tenure at your company.

Bereavement Leave

It is dreadful when an employee has death in the family, but knowing your policy and company guidelines in advance can help you assist your employees in their time of need. This article will give you the information you need to write your own bereavement leave policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Find out what your company can do to make the world a better place and why it makes good business sense to do so.


You may have heard the term "co-employment" in ways that gave it a negative connotation, but it extends many possible benefits. Find out what co-employment is and why it makes people nervous, why it might suit your company, and how to manage any associated risks.

Glass Ceiling

What is the dreaded “glass ceiling”? Find out what it is and why it still exists. Then, learn how to shatter the glass ceiling for your female employees.

EEO Statement

Understanding the legal requirements and benefits of using Equal Employment Opportunity Statements can be confusing. Do your job descriptions, contracts, and other documents include one? Why should they, and how do you write one? Inspiration is within!

Volunteer Time Off

VTO can improve employee engagement and corporate social responsibility in one go. Learn how to create your own VTO program.