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Amelia Minto

Amelia Minto

Known as “Miss Sunshine,” Amelia is an enthusiastic HR practitioner who believes in leading with love, building relationships, and being a forever learner. Amelia began her HR career as a “Jane of all Trades,” taking on multiple functional spaces for small businesses with government contracts. In constant exposure to human resources functions, she honed her interest in pursuing the field as a career goal. Her career history demonstrates a professional who’s climbed the ranks…starting from the earliest HR spaces and growing with every new opportunity. If you ask Amelia what her strengths are, she’ll tell you “my approach is not traditional, it’s loud, it’s bright…sometimes too relaxed, but what a lack in strategic movement I make up for in interpersonal approaches.” Amelia built her career from Coordinating to Directing maintaining a bubbly spirit with a concentration on ethical principles and leading people-focused management. Amelia began her working career doing freelance art gig work. Her long-term goals include becoming a C Suite leader in an organization where she can help develop and create healthy work cultures, with an emphasis on mental and emotional wellbeing.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

It's ok to not be ok. HR is particularly challenging right now. There are days that are really going to throw you but there are days that are absolutely rewarding. Believe in yourself, lead with compassion and hang in there!

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