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Keep it simple
Time is money. Save both with all-in-one HR.
Are you using spreadsheets? 😱 Sheets of actual paper in a filing cabinet? ☠️ A dozen different apps that don't really work together? 😭
Eddy is one simple platform for everything HR. 🥳🎉❤️
Run payroll in minutes, not hours
Eddy is the easiest way to run payroll. Everything you need to run payroll for your small business—hours, time off, benefits, and more—flows automatically into payroll. Plus, we handle quarterly and annual tax filings and end-of-year W-2 and 1099-NEC preparation and filing. So no more mistakes from manual entry, and no more worries about not being compliant.

Your people will love Eddy Payroll with easy access their own pay stubs, benefits and deductions info, and tax documents like W-2s and 1099s.
Have all your employee data at your fingertips
Store all your employee data in one secure, access-from-anywhere place.
  • Important documents, like W-4s, I-9s, and any other signed documents.
  • Track all personal and contact info, including emergency contacts. Employees can even update their own info when it changes.
  • Keep job info, like job title, pay rates and pay rate history, assigned assets, workers’ comp codes, performance notes, and more.
  • Stay on top of employee certifications and trainings, storing things like proof of licenses and expiration dates.
Eddy has made this simple for me. I'm not an HR person. There's enough hard things about building a new business. Having Eddy just really is a godsend because it is so easy. If only everything else would be this easy!”
Trebeca Itzen
Owner/Admin at Bighorn Plumbing
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Hire and onboard like a pro
  • Automated messaging, customizable pipelines, and auto-posting to major job boards can save you time and make sure no candidates slip through the cracks
  • Get a new hire set up in minutes with onboarding task lists from new hire packet templates
  • Automatically assign tasks for all documents your new hires need to sign (I-9, W-4, state tax forms, custom forms) and safely store them in Eddy
  • Stay on top of each new hire’s onboarding with easy progress tracking
Track time easily and accurately
  • Save time for everyone, from employee to manager to admin
    Edit and approve employee timesheets in seconds
  • No wasting time entering hours twice: timesheets flow automatically into payroll
  • Employees can easily and accurately track their hours with the Eddy mobile app
  • Keep workers honest by geotagging each time punch
“Eddy is just overall just a better experience for our employees, which if you have happy employees, you have productive employees.”
Blake Beard
Head of HR, Xima
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Streamline your PTO processes
  • With automated paid time off scheduling, PTO requests and approvals happen seamlessly
  • Create custom PTO Policies—as many as you need
  • Employees can see their balances and request time off in the Eddy mobile app
  • Coordinate work with a company-wide time off calendar
Why do our customers love Eddy?
We’ll let them tell you themselves.
"I enjoy the easiness of keeping track of everything."
I enjoy the easiness of keeping track of everything. We use it to clock in and out and keep track of hourly employees. My favorite part is the training portion that allows me to track license and liabliity insurance expirations with documentation. We use it to keep track of birthdays. It is especially helpful in onboarding and keeping track of new employees and their accrediations and required documents.
Angela M
Small Business (50 or fewer employees)
“Eddy is amazing!”
Eddy is so great and extremely user friendly! It allows us to house everything in one place with very easy access for our staff. Also love that our applicant tracking is right there to just move over a candidate's information if they are hired.
Tara R.
Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)
"Eddy - A streamlined HR Platform"
Eddy is such a great platform for our HR management. It has cut down a lot of monotonous tasks with recruiting and really streamlined the process. It also has increased visability for our team with documentation and tasks. We are so greatful to have Eddy as our HR platform!
Krystal D.
Small Business (50 or fewer employees)
"Eddy has definitely made my life easier"
Eddy has definitely made my life easier through automatic tracking of training requirements for the hospital employees I help administer. They are a great alternative with a wonderful price point that was a fraction of the cost of some of the bigger, more well-known HRIS platforms.
I have a number of annual trainings that are required that used to require a large number of man hours to track individually for each employee in the organization. Thanks to Eddy, the process has become automated.
Jeffrey M.
Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)
"All employee info in one place and at our fingertips."
Love the ability to have all employee info in one place—salary info, contact info, documents, HR notes, training docs, vacation/sick hours, hire date. Payroll process is really easy. It accommodates all types of extra pay situations and deduction situations. Support is prompt and very helpful.
Karen H.
Small Business (50 or fewer employees)
"Since Eddy we have had nothing but smooth sailing!"
Eddy has made my work life a little easier! We recently changed payroll systems and were impressed with what we were shown. Transitioning to this system was sooo easy! It is very user friendly.
We were having a little trouble with time tracking before Eddy. Since Eddy we have had nothing but smooth sailing! Eddy is really simple in the best way!
Kayla T.
Small Business (50 or fewer employees)
"I would highly recommend Eddy to anyone!"
Eddy is incredible! They have everything you need and more when it comes to an HRIS software. They have thought of everything and are constantly adding new features. Their support team is wonderful - we love Lauren! They are quick to respond and have all of the answers. I would highly recommend Eddy to anyone!
I don't have any complaints about Eddy. I enjoy their trainings, the software is amazing, their support team is on top of it. They are a great company.
Small Business (50 or fewer employees)