Protect your employees and your business with simple pay-as-you-go workers' comp.

No more high upfront costs or surprise premium adjustments at the end of the year. Using real-time payroll to calculate workers’ comp premiums means accurate premium payments every time.

Eddy + NEXT = workers’ comp done right

Eddy has partnered with NEXT to offer pay-as-you-go workers’ comp insurance. After a workplace illness or injury, workers’ comp can help pay for medical expense, lost wages, and more—protecting both your employees and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pay As You Go?

Unlike traditional workers’ comp billing, where premium is based on your estimated annual payroll, pay-as-you-go calculates your premiums every pay cycle using actual payroll data. Plus, there’s no up-front deposit.

What’s the benefit of pay-as-you-go?

  • Simple administration: Integration with [Eddy’s] payroll system and automated payments streamline your administrative processes.
  • Better cash flow management: Premiums are paid one payroll period at a time, keeping more cash in your business. 
  • Save time and money: Premiums are automatically calculated each time payroll is run, with no installment-billing fees.
  • Reduce or eliminate audit expenses: Premiums are adjusted to changes in your payroll in real-time, to support audit accuracy.


NEXT Insurance is 100% dedicated to small business. They offer tailored business insurance with zero hassle and big savings, and more than 420,000 small businesses trust them.

What about Broker of Record (BOR) changes?