What’s New in Eddy: Training Tracking Goes Live

You spoke, and we listened! Many of our customers have expressed the need to solve the problem of tracking and managing all the different requirements for their employees. Today, we are really excited to release our Training Tracking feature to help solve this problem. Training Tracking will allow our users to be able to track trainings, certifications, and licenses all in one place, while providing automated notifications reminders before anything expires.
What’s New in Eddy: Training Tracking Goes Live
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We’re super excited to announce that our newest feature, Training Tracking, has rolled live to all our current customers. This new functionality is now available as part of Eddy’s ever-growing suite of HR tools that save companies both time and money.

Training Tracking Overview

Eddy’s Training Tracking feature will allow companies to track trainings, certifications, licenses, and more. If it has an expiration or renewal date, you’ll be able to keep tabs on it in Eddy.

You’re in Control

We want to put you in charge of what you track. Whether you need to track diversity or harassment training completion, driver’s licenses, medical licenses, HIPAA or OSHA certification, or anything else, we put you in control. Customize your training, add descriptions, and add employees. You can even control whether a certification or training is required or optional for any employee.

Built-In Expiration Notifications

We know it can be immensely challenging to keep tabs on when certifications and trainings expire. It’s almost impossible to know who needs to renew what, and when it needs to be renewed. Because we understand just how difficult this can be, we built expiration alerts right into our software. You’ll be notified of upcoming expiration dates a month in advance, both in Eddy and via email, completely automating the expiration checking process.

Attach Proof of Completion

We’re also aware that having an employee say they’ve completed training or earned a license or certification isn’t enough. There’s almost always a need for proof. Eddy allows you to attach documents or images to an employee’s training completion, allowing you to have a copy of it on file that you can access whenever you need it. Never again will you experience that helpless feeling of misplacing a paper document into a filing system and not being able to find it. Eddy will not only store the document securely, but it’ll be automatically attached to the employee who completed the training.

Want to see Eddy’s Training Tracking in Action? Schedule a demo today!

Why Eddy Added Training Tracking

Our core mission at Eddy is to build the most complete, all-in-one HR solution for small and mid-sized companies, and we don’t believe we’d be able to do that without this critical feature.

Over the past few months, we have listened closely to our customers and have tried to understand their most pressing pains and frustrations. One thing that has come up time and time again is the need for a system to track trainings, licenses, and certifications. Almost every business, regardless of size or industry has something to track. We have customers in the medical space that have dozens of different licenses and certifications that need to be renewed regularly. We have customers in the automotive or delivery space who absolutely must know which employees are licensed to drive, and when those licenses expire. We have many customers who require employees to attend diversity, sexual harassment, privacy, or other workplace trainings. Without a system built into their HR software, these customers have resorted to tracking this information in spreadsheets, filing cabinets, and other insecure, unorganized ways.

We knew that this was a problem we could solve, and we’ve been hard at work developing a solution. Our efforts culminated today in the release of this new feature. Our hope is that this will immediately begin to alleviate the pain and frustration of tracking so many things.

Share Your Feedback

If you’re an existing customer, we’d love to get your feedback and hear about what we’re doing well, and where we can improve.

If you’re not a customer, but currently searching for HR software that can do everything in a single platform, then check us out! We’d be delighted to share the variety of ways we can save your company time and money.

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