What’s New in Eddy: Time Tracking, Payroll, and Who’s Out Calendar

Tracking employees’ time with Eddy puts all of your employee time information in one place so reviewing, editing, and approving employee timesheets is easy. Not only that, but our employee time tracking software could save you hours of hunting payroll information every week.
What's New in Eddy- Time Tracking, Payroll, and Who's Out Calendar
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  • What’s New in Eddy: Time Tracking, Payroll, and Who’s Out Calendar
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Employee time tracking — simplified

Eddy’s new time-tracking capability can take your company from simple time tracking to accurate payroll. 

Clocking hours using Eddy’s time tracking software is super easy. Employees can simply clock in and out from their home screen. Their hours automatically appear in your Time Tracking portal for approval. Once everything is approved, Eddy makes some automatic calculations and puts together a pay-period report that can be sent to payroll. 

This new function is huge. It could save you hours of work every week in time not spent hunting down hours, making calculations, and stressing over payroll accuracy. 

Punch cards and spreadsheets just don’t have that functionality.

Paper-free approvals

Editing and approving employee timesheets in Eddy takes only seconds. They’re all in one digital place, so gathering documents and dealing with spreadsheets is now yesterday’s problem.

If there are a lot of approvals to manage in your company, you can enable managers to review, edit, and approve their employees’ timesheets. This will allow you to save even more time, and allow those who work directly with employees to keep their timesheets accurate.

Time Tracking Screenshot

We help with overtime tracking

The US has 50 states and almost as many different overtime laws. FLSA and other regulations only make things more complicated. Eddy makes these overtime calculations easy by doing them for you. 

We calculate how many regular hours, overtime hours, and double overtime hours each employee worked based on their tracked time and location. You can rest easy knowing that payroll has accurate information and your people are paid properly.

Time Tracking Screenshot

Pay period reports

With Eddy’s time tracking software, there’s no need to take time assembling reports to send to payroll. Eddy creates a payroll-ready pay period report. Using Eddy’s payroll service makes the process even more seamless.

Time Tracking Screenshot


Eddy now offers a payroll service! Here’s how it works:

  • You send us all the required employee and company documents
  • You track your employee time like normal
  • Our payroll experts treat you to our full-service payroll offering

When we say full-service, we mean full-service. We’ll take care of paying your employees, tax remittance, end-of-year W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution and a whole lot more. 

Let’s emphasize again how easy this is. The only thing you have to do once we have the documents we need is to make sure your employees’ time is tracked correctly in Eddy. That’s it!

With Eddy, You can be confident that payroll has accurate information and your people are being paid properly. A smooth time tracking process, reliable payroll inputs, thorough reports, and an amazing payroll team make sure of that.

Who's-out calendar

Another feature we added in January is a time-off calendar that works with our PTO tool to let you know who’s not at work. Each user has this calendar on the Eddy home page and can instantly see who’s out of office. Admins and managers can reference this calendar when approving PTO requests to help inform their approval decisions

Who's Out Calendar Screenshot

Super Easy As Usual

As you’ve come to expect from Eddy, all of these new features are beautifully designed and simple to use. Even so, feel free to reach out at any time by phone or email to ask questions. Or you can learn more about how to use these cool new features by checking out the Eddy Help Center.

We’re excited about these updates, but we’re not done! We’re constantly improving Eddy to make your job easier. If you have questions or feedback on what Eddy needs, feel free to reach us at support@eddy.com.

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