What’s New in Eddy: PTO Updates, Streamlined Navigation, and a New Report

This round of updates gives users a lot more flexibility with the PTO tool, speeds up app navigation for you, and simplifies inviting employees to Eddy and viewing their account creation progress.
What’s New in Eddy-PTO updates, Streamlined Navigation, a New Report
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  • What’s New in Eddy: PTO Updates, Streamlined Navigation, and a New Report
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PTO Updates

PTO requests are now connected to pay periods, so reporting is more accurate and easy.

This also allows us to accommodate users to request PTO for days in the past within an open pay period. 

Keep in mind that requests can only be made in the past for an open pay period. Once the pay period is finalized, no changes can be made.

Admins can also now enter or edit PTO requests for employees. This even applies for days in the past up until the PTO request is paid out. This lets admins stay on top of PTO in case employees can’t make it to a computer for whatever reason.

Also, edits can be made up until the PTO request is paid out.

Request Time Off Screenshot

Side Navigation

We moved the site’s navigation bar from the top to the left-hand side. Why the change? We’re cranking out new features all the time, and that top bar was getting crowded. We also took this opportunity to improve site performance. Now, switching pages is significantly faster.

Here’s how it works. Wide screens show the navigation bar with each page’s icon and text label. Smaller screens show the icons, and hovering over them displays the text labels. You can access the navigation on mobile by tapping the 3 bar menu.

Invitation Status Report Screenshot

New Report: Invitation Status

We’ve added a new report called “Invitation Status Report”. This report shows the invite status for each employee who has not yet created an account. This new report makes it simple for an admin to see the status of Eddy invites and to send or resend bulk invitations.

This adds a level of visibility into the organization and saves admins a lot of time spent on repetitive work.

Employee Directory Screenshot

Super Easy As Usual

As you’ve come to expect from Eddy, all of these new features are beautifully designed and simple to use. Even so, feel free to reach out at any time by phone or email to ask questions.

 You can also check out our  YouTube channel for in-depth feature walk-throughs. This resource is still pretty new, but we’re adding to it constantly to make it even better.

We’re excited about these updates, but we’re not done! Our product is getting better and better, and we’ll keep you updated about how to use Eddy to the fullest as that changes. ‘Till then, feel free to reach us at support@eddy.com

:rolled_up_newspaper: Get Our Weekly HR News Flash:zap:

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Table of Contents

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