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Use time off reports to quickly sort through time tracking data

All the data you need is securely stored in a central location.

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See employees’ time off balances.

View the time off balances of each employee, including a detailed breakdown of hours accrued and hours used for each time off category.

Find exactly what you’re looking for.

Time off balance reports can be filtered by date range, time off category, or employment status. Have questions about someone’s balance? Hover over the information icon to learn about any changes that have been made (like an admin adding them to a new PTO plan).

See the bigger picture.

View all your employees’ time off for any period you choose. Choose a date range, filter by location, and get a broad overview of your team members’ time off.

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Having one software to have people clock in and/or out, request time off, recruit and sort through resumes… everything thus far has been super handy and making my job a whole lot easier!

Makios Technology

Anytime that [employees] need to clock out, request time off, gather their pay stubs, whatever they need to do, it’s a much easier process for them.

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I have the ability to give people access to be able to fix their own punches and things like that. So it's nice because I have more time to do my job, rather than focusing on all the problems that people are having.

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