Unlock workforce insights with payroll reports

Effortlessly generate detailed payroll records—no manual data entry required.

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Make strategic workforce decisions.

Gain insight into your labor costs to make better predictions and more strategic decisions. Just enter a custom date range and see what the numbers have to say—without spending hours manually sorting through data.

Know exactly where your money’s going.

Get a detailed look at payroll data for each pay period. Review earnings, deductions and taxes, net pay, payroll liabilities, and more.

Keep your business healthy.

Want a more dive breakdown of your data? Dive into comprehensive payroll reports for specific locations or departments to see what could be improved.  

Easily view retirement contributions.

How much are you and your employees contributing to retirement funds? See cumulative amounts and pay period breakdowns.

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

Payroll used to take me about five hours a week, which represents lost opportunities to do other things. Plus, dealing with [our previous provider’s] complicated software and always calling them to ask questions was a few more hours a week.

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That was the big driver, that I have access to all that information whenever I’m ready to do payroll, instead of having to wait on other people to send me a silly little piece of paper.

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Eddy Pros:

• Having our employee documents digitally stored and easy to access.

• I love the ability to email a form for review and signature to our employees.

• Tracking hours for Payroll

• New employee onboarding is much easier

• Advertising for new employees is coordinated with Job search sites

• Training tracking and much more

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