Stay up to date with every new hire’s onboarding progress

Boost efficiency, save time, and improve the new hire experience.

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Assign individual and team onboarding tasks.

New hires can be assigned to fill out the I-9 and W-4, upload a certificate, add direct deposit information, and more. Their team members can be assigned tasks to help prepare for their first day and support them when it arrives.

Set due dates so everyone is on the same page.

Some tasks need to be completed before the employee’s first day of work, while others aren’t as urgent. Simply set custom due dates to help new hires prioritize the most time-sensitive tasks.

View onboarding progress at a glance.

Blue progress bars help you quickly visualize how many individual and team tasks have been completed. Once every task in a category is complete, you’ll see a green checkmark. It’s quick, intuitive, and informative.

Get a closer look at which tasks are complete.

For a more detailed view of onboarding progress, simply visit a new hire’s profile to check what they or their team members still need to do.

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I really like being able to send an onboarding packet out to a new employee. They handle it, and signatures are gathered, and I can access those documents anytime I need.

Bean Family Enterprises

If I was just paying for the onboarding part of Eddy, I would still be happy with what I’m paying for.

Chena Hot Springs

Being able to send them everything they need to just have them ready to go … is really helpful. And then being able to continue to send documents, signatures, notifications … the whole entire new hire packet process is the key for me as I onboard people.


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