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Track and improve key metrics with automated hiring reports

Automated reports help you identify and eliminate friction points to speed up your hiring process.

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Stay on top of essential hiring metrics.

Track time-to-offer and time-to-hire to get a sense of how effective your hiring process is and watch it improve over time.

Learn which areas of your process can be streamlined.

See how long candidates stay in each stage action so you know which parts of your hiring process are taking longer than they should.

Use time and resources wisely.

Learn which sources your best candidates are coming from—then, devote more time and effort to those channels. 

Take in information at a glance.

Visualize your hiring data with clean charts, graphs, and tables.

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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Now I’ll never switch [payroll providers], and it’s not just because of the product, but the customer service. Our rep is irreplaceable. I wouldn’t care if I had the chance to save half by going to another company. To know that I can just email her with whatever questions I have or whatever report I might need…it’s fantastic.

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Before Eddy, I was working overtime. I was just so busy and had no time to get to other projects or do other parts of my job. With Eddy, I’ve gotten at least two hours a day back—I’m not even kidding.

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Overall it is saving us a lot of time!

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