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Reduce time theft by geotagging hourly workers’ locations

Keep your people accountable.

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Collect geotagged time tracking data.

When hourly workers clock in or out using the Eddy mobile app, their location is geotagged within a 20-meter radius. 

Protect your business.

Almost 75% of U.S. businesses are affected by time theft—employees getting paid for hours they didn’t work. By geotagging time tracking data, you ensure that your people are working when and where they say they are.

Choose whether to enable geotagging.

Geotagged locations not your thing? No worries. Admins can choose whether or not to enable geotagging in each time tracking policy they create.

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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Eddy is user friendly, clean, not cluttered, and has the features that we needed the most – time tracking, time off management, important document management/storage. It has a simple employee portal that’s easy to use.

Arsenal Creative

I have the ability to give people access to be able to fix their own punches and things like that. So it's nice because I have more time to do my job, rather than focusing on all the problems that people are having.

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Having one software to have people clock in and/or out, request time off, recruit and sort through resumes… everything thus far has been super handy and making my job a whole lot easier!

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