Quickly send digital offer letters to top candidates

Once you’ve decided who to hire, make it official with an offer letter.

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Give soon-to-be new hires a seamless offer letter experience.

After interviewing candidates and deciding who to hire, send a digital offer letter to seal the deal. Viewing and signing the letter is quick and hassle-free

Save time with offer letter templates.

Creating an offer letter couldn’t be easier! It all starts with a customizable template, which automatically pulls in key information from the job post (like job title and department). Your letter is ready to send in seconds.

Make it engaging with a personal note.

Write something a little more personal to send along with the offer letter. Short on time? Get started with a message template.

Keep offers on file digitally.

Once a candidate signs their offer letter, they automatically receive a PDF copy. A copy of the letter is also stored in Eddy for you or your new hire to access at any time.

Get ready to onboard!

Once the offer is signed, you’re ready to onboard your new hire. Learn how Eddy streamlines onboarding.

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Eddy was the first and best solution for us in solving the spiderweb of candidates at varying stages of the hiring process. Due to the rapid growth of our company, the tracking of candidates was out of control. Many candidates were lost in the process, disappointed in the untimely responses and the hiring team felt unprofessional. Eddy enabled us to get organized, to move candidates along the process more smoothly, and to hire the right people in the right positions.

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This software has helped us tremendously with our hiring and onboarding procedures. Much easier to use than the onboarding software we were using.

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It was taking me so much time to get any hiring done. The hiring process was weeks long—it would take weeks for the candidates. You lose good-quality candidates when you don’t have that automation and that efficiency.

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