New Hiring and Onboarding Features

The sun is shining, summer is here, and Eddy’s team is working harder than ever to deliver powerful features to help you better manage your people. We’re so excited to announce new capability around onboarding new hires, electronic document signing, employee self-enrollment, and much more! We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping you make the transition to the modern, paperless world.
New Hiring and Onboarding Features
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Quickly Add and Onboard New Hires

Adding a new employee to your company can be tedious. There’s so much information to input, and so many things to keep track of, that it’s easy to forget crucial details along the way. With this update we are happy to announce that you can add new hires to your company directory straight from the Hiring feature. Now things like the employee’s job title, their manager, their department, and office location will be automatically added to the new employee’s job information. And with Eddy’s revamped self-enrollment flow, the new hire will add personal information such as birthday, marital status, social security number, emergency contact information, and more on their own. This saves you time and meaningless headaches from incorrect or insufficient data entry.

ATS Pipeline

Paperless Documents Signatures

In early May we added the ability to store company documents in Eddy. We’re now excited to introduce the ability to create signature documents for new hires and current employees to help you automate the process of gathering signatures and information. Using our signature documents will bring your company one step closer to providing a modern, paperless, experience.

A custom signature document allows you to add signature fields, initials fields, text boxes, check boxes, or date stamps to any document you’ve uploaded in Eddy.

Signature Document Screenshot

First Day Message and Task List

Another new feature we’ve added is the ability to create a new hire packet. An employee’s first day requires a lot of paperwork. Now you can go paper-free by assigning new employees tasks with an electronic signature option. All your forms can be handled online—and the employee can have them signed as soon as they are added to Eddy. This allows an employee’s first day to be focused on meeting people and understanding the business rather than reading and signing pages and pages of documents.

Additionally, you can now send a first day message to new hires to give them a heads-up on when and where to show up, what to wear, where to park (or any other special instructions you have) and also let them know who they’ll meet with on that big first day.

New Hire Packet Screenshot

Onboarding Progress Report

What good would digital onboarding be without the ability to track the progress of your new hires? Now, each time you add a new employee and assign them tasks, you’ll be able to see how many tasks they’ve completed and what tasks have been left undone. Simply click into the “Onboarding” tab at the top of your global navigation to track all the progress. This level of transparency gives you a quick, at-a-glance view of where each new hire is in their onboarding process before their start date.

Onboarding Screenshot

Message Notifications

Currently, when a candidate responds back to a message sent from Eddy, we notify you via email about that response. With this new update, we take things one step further and are happy to introduce an in-app message notification system. Now when a candidate responds back to your email, Eddy will let you know immediately, without having to go to your email inbox.

Message Notifications Screenshot

Document Folders

A lot of our users celebrated the day that we introduced the ability to upload documents to Eddy, and now we want to take things a step further and give you the ability to organize those documents in folders. We’ve made it easy to create folders, place documents within those folders, and keep all your important information organized.

Document Folders Screenshot

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Table of Contents

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