Software to manage the people, payroll, and HR processes for your business.

With new regulations, more data to organize, and increasingly difficult processes to manage, the best businesses are turning to software to make things easy and do things right. Eddy is the leading solution for SMB companies who are looking to simplify and streamline everything related to people, payroll, and HR processes.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Hiring is where HR’s role in a company begins. Eddy has an applicant tracking system (ATS) that saves you hours every week by streamlining your hiring process, automating candidate communication, and tracking applicant progress.
ATS - Pipeline - Eddy - mobile
ATS - Pipeline - Eddy
Onboarding - Employee Tasks - Eddy
Eddy - Onboarding - Mobile


The first day on a job should NOT start with paperwork. It should be spent productively. Eddy lets you do that with a trackable digital onboarding process that your new hire can complete before day one.

People Management

Spreadsheets are two-dimensional, people are not. Eddy’s employee directory and individual employee profiles help you see and understand the people you’re working with more fully.
Eddy - People Management - Employee Directory
People Management - Mobile - Eddy
Eddy - People Management - Call out Card
Eddy - Documents - Full list
Eddy - Documents - Mobile

Document Storage

HR could be the department with the most paperwork. Having a good way to organize paperwork helps you spend less time on it. Eddy organizes your documents on the cloud. It’s efficient, it’s easy, and it’s secure.

Training Tracking

Eddy’s unique training and certification tracking makes it simple to stay on top of critical employee information. Customize what you want to track, add completion and expiration dates, and get notified when employees need to renew licenses or certifications.

Training Admin View
Training - Employee profile
Training - Admin - Training detail
Eddy - PTO - policies
PTO - Mobile
Eddy - PTO - Employee profile

Paid Time Off (PTO)

PTO is like extra Saturdays, so It’s probably one of your peoples’ favorite employee benefits, but it can be a pain to implement. Eddy’s simple and flexible PTO tools let you tailor PTO plans to your company’s needs.


Your people are your most valuable asset, and their compensation is your most important expense. Eddy’s platform and payroll team help you control, manage, and complete payroll on time—every time.
Payroll - Change History - Eddy
Payroll - Pay Period Report - Eddy
Time Tracking - Employee profile - Eddy
Time Tracking - Clock in - Eddy

Time Tracking

Time tracking is used to calculate payroll, so it’s something you just can’t mess up. Eddy’s time tracking tool helps you do it right quickly and easily. There’s more to time tracking than just a stopwatch, but it doesn’t have to be more difficult.

We help HR leaders level up.

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Even more than the product itself, the Eddy team has been incredible! They are so responsive, professional, friendly, and I trust 100% that they are here to help me the best they can. Having a great specialist at Eddy who is available any time on any day to answer my questions is so great!!
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Customer support is absolutely excellent, quick responses and always helpful. Any extra functions not offered, they are willing to add and constantly update the software to meet our company needs.
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You have no idea what this is going to do for us. Eddy is out here changing lives!
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This product is very easy to use and understand. The customer support for this product has been excellent. The integration into this product was very smooth.
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The layout and ease of use is great. And customer service is always 100%.
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One of the features I like most about the software, is the onboarding for new employees. I love that I can send an invitation with a welcoming message and all the paperwork needed for our new hires. I have heard from our new hires that it was so easy to get their paperwork finished and at their own time. I like that I can track how far along the new hire is, in the onboarding experience.
Utah Valley Refugees
There is no better software for interviewing and hiring. I have only been using Eddy for a short time, but I’m convinced.

You want simple, easy, organized HR data and processes.

Eddy is the fastest way to make it happen.

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