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PTO tracking
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No matter what company you’re in or what policy you’ve created, it seems like every employee is constantly asking the question, “How much PTO do I have left?”

With Eddy, employees, managers, and company stakeholders will have easy access to time off policy information, hours used, and how many hours they have left.

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How can Eddy help your company track PTO?

Fully customizable policy creation.

If you need more control in your life, take a look at Eddy’s time-off policy management tools. Create policies with limited or unlimited accrual, determine how employees accrue time off, and specify when a new hire can start using PTO. It’s all in your control.
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Eddy - PTO - policies
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Eddy - PTO - policies

Easy one-click approvals for time-off requests.

It’s easy to approve employee time-off requests in Eddy. Get email notifications every time a request is made and make an approval decision with just a single click!

Always know your PTO balance.

Through Eddy, employees can always know how much PTO they’ve earned and how much they’ve used. Balances are readily available, and it’s easy for company administrators or team managers to keep tabs on the balance of their employees.
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"Clean, organized, and beautiful design. Anyone in the company can hop on and learn how to use it."

Chelsey from Tesani

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