Eddy Voted Among Top Payroll Companies in Utah Valley

2020 Best of Utah Valley Payroll Service
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  • Eddy Voted Among Top Payroll Companies in Utah Valley
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Every year, Utah Valley Magazines creates an opportunity for Utah Valley residents to vote on the best companies, services, places, and restaurants across the valley. The competition is fierce, and the winners receive a badge of honor. This year, we’re please to announce that Eddy was selected as the #2 ranked payroll company! Our payroll feature is relatively new to our platform (we began offering it in December of 2019), but it’s already proven to be a customer favorite. Customers love how easy it is to run their payroll, and they can count on our experienced, award-winning payroll team to answer all their questions.If you’re looking for a new payroll provider for your business, Eddy has you covered.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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