Eddy Completes Rebrand to Better Focus on the Company’s Mission

Eddy's New Brand Identity
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  • Eddy Completes Rebrand to Better Focus on the Company’s Mission
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Press Release

For Immediate Release: 
April 14 2020

Media Contact: Ryan Sagers, Marketing Manager
Company: Eddy
Email Address: r.sagers@eddy.com
Website: https://eddy.com/

Lead: Eddy finds purpose in their new branding

PROVO, UT April 2020: Eddy is excited to announce a change of brand identity. Along with a new logo, Eddy is updating its color palette, website, and the look and feel of its software product.

This rebrand represents the commitment Eddy has to employee happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. Eddy believes that freedom is what drives happiness in the workplace, and that freedom is the motivation behind great founders, HR administrators, and employees.

Eddy continues to be one of the fastest growing HR software companies in the United States, and is excited to press forward under this new visual identity. Eddy allows companies to hire and onboard employees, track PTO and hours worked, sign documents electronically, and run payroll. Eddy’s unique all-in-one HR solution is perfect for any small and medium sized business.

Eddy’s founder and CEO Travis Hansen gave the following statement in regards to the rebrand: “We continue to build an amazing company! One of the next steps was to bring in a world class design firm, to look at our brand. It has been a fun process to research our competitors, talk with our customers, dive into designs and come to a conclusion on what our company brand is. I am so excited to launch the new look, and I’m extremely motivated by what we stand for.”

About Travis Hansen and Eddy
Travis Hansen played basketball at Brigham Young University before being drafted to the NBA by the Atlanta Hawks in 2003. Hansen’s basketball career eventually took him to Europe, where he played for teams in Spain and Russia. Hansen started his first company, a non-profit foundation called Sunshine Heroes, in 2008 while playing in Russia. Sunshine Heroes has built ten community centers for children across the globe and continues to do a great deal of good in the local, Utah community.

After retiring from professional basketball, Hansen has started four more companies under his holding company, Tesani.

Eddy is the latest in Hansen’s string of Tesani Companies and was built to solve a real need that he knew small companies deal with. As he was growing his first few companies, Hansen realized how difficult finding and keeping awesome talent was. He tried a few different software solutions but was unsatisfied with his experience, so he decided to build his own. 

Only two years later, Eddy has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of HR software solutions.

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Table of Contents

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