How to Land Great Talent by Conducting Great Interviews

How to Land Great Talent by Conducting Great Interviews Ebook

Done right, the in-person interview can shed light on how a candidate will fit into your organization in a way that the resume can’t. Keep in mind that job candidates prepare for job interviews and can be a little robotic with their responses. I’ll walk you through some interview tips and tricks that will help you peel back that facade and give you an authentic look at your candidate.

Once you’ve made it to the interview stage of the hiring process, you’re likely working with your top four or five candidates. On paper they all look great. But what’s on paper isn’t the only thing that matters. If it were, hiring managers wouldn’t be wasting almost a quarter of every dollar they spend on hiring.

By implementing our interview techniques, you can gauge if you’re talking to a potential employee that will be at your company for eight years or only eight months.

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