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Chena Hot Springs Resort

Chena Hot Springs is a resort located in the beautiful interior of Alaska. The employees who handle the upkeep of this scenic vacation spot are mostly seasonal, coming from all over and staying for a variety of different durations. Human Resources Director, Alison Dart, has her hands full managing the paperwork for this constant revolving door of new hires. That’s where Eddy comes in.

Industry: Hospitality

Location: Fairbanks, AK

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Chena Hot Springs Resort is located about an hour outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. It was founded over 100 years ago by two gold miners who used the natural hot springs to ease their aches and pains. Today, the resort provides guests from around the world with a one-of-a-kind experience of the area’s wild beauty. Chena is known for their natural hot springs, unique ice museum and prime opportunities for viewing the stunning aurora borealis.

Features They Love

With new employees starting all the time, the streamlined onboarding process Eddy offers is a major time-saver for Alison. “Right now I have three different onboarding packets, and I like the ability to build them and customize each one as needed,” she says.

“You need to do the I-9, you need to fill out the W-4, you need to do their E-Verify—all of that is now set up in a checklist. Then you need to assign them housing, somebody needs to give them a tour and arrange their transportation—those checklist tasks go to [the on-site staff]. Everyone involved gets reminders for every single employee,” she explains. “If I was just paying for the onboarding part of Eddy, I would still be happy with what I’m paying for.”

Eddy’s expert payroll processors save both Alison and her colleagues time and energy. “I’ve taken much more of a leadership role when it comes to our payroll process,” she tells us. “Our head accountant is running the accounting for four businesses, and now she doesn’t have to worry about payroll for any of them because I’ve been able to add that on to my plate instead.” All Alison has to do is approve the pay period reports, make any necessary changes and submit them, and the Eddy team does the rest.

Alison appreciates having all the information and documents for each employee in one easily accessible place—and her employees do too. “A lot of people like [Eddy]. They like being able to log in, see their own information and make updates as they want to. There’s a lot more autonomy offered this way, instead of just trusting someone to make the updates or upload this file or do whatever is needed,” she tells us. “That autonomy is one of the biggest benefits of Eddy.”


Depending on the time of year, Chena employs and houses up to 115 employees—most of whom are seasonal workers. “Keeping up after everyone’s paperwork was getting close to impossible, especially as the resort grew,” Alison says. Pre-Eddy, she tells us: “I was like, ‘I don’t know who’s done their W-2, I don’t know who’s done their I-9, and I’ve got 10 employees whose E-Verify is definitely out of date.’ I needed to be better, and I needed help to be better.”


Thanks to Eddy, Alison now has a much easier time managing her ever-changing staff. All of the relevant information for each employee is organized and readily available in the Eddy interface, which Alison describes as “simple and to the point.” She’s able to store documents, have employees sign them digitally, and send out customized onboarding packets and checklists to make sure everyone’s first day goes smoothly. With Eddy, “I’m keeping track of a lot more things with a lot more ease,” Alison says.


Time savings of 20+ hours per week

Before Eddy, managing the constant ebb and flow of employees was an incredibly time-consuming task for Alison. “It was kind of a lot,” she tells us, “especially when it’s just one person keeping track of most of this.” Now that so much of the employee management happens automatically through Eddy, Alison has a lot more bandwidth to focus on other tasks. “Eddy has saved me so much time. In the average week, I’d say it saves me at least 20 hours—probably more,” she says.

The ability to manage HR remotely

Not long after the resort started using Eddy, Alison ended up moving to North Pole, Alaska—roughly an hour away. “I’m not physically at the resort anymore, and Eddy certainly made [my shift to working remotely] a lot easier than it would’ve been otherwise. We would’ve been constantly sending big packets of paper information to and from North Pole and the resort.” Since all the HR paperwork for new employees can now be handled virtually through Eddy, Alison can do her job from anywhere.

Easy legal compliance

“I used to have to chase down employees and say, ‘I need you to sign this form that I legally need you to do,’” says Alison. Between tax and housing paperwork, “there’s half a dozen legal documents for every new employee,” she adds. With Eddy, Alison can check in a few clicks to see whether a new hire has signed all the required papers, all of which are stored and can be accessed digitally at any time. As a result, she can now rest easy knowing that the resort is protected from legal risks related to compliance. “It all goes back to compliance,” she says, “and being able to know that we’ve done everything we’re supposed to do.”

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