In case you missed it: Paid Time Off (PTO) and New-Hire Packets

PTO Product Blog Post
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You’ve asked for it and here’s our answer. Eddy is now launching paid time off functions. If you were looking for one more spreadsheet to throw away or one more login to forget, look at your PTO process. Eddy’s got you covered there.

We’ve also continued to build out our onboarding features, but more on that in a bit.

Paid Time Off Made Easy

PTO could be your employees’ favorite policy, but it’s a pain to administer if you’re stuck with paper, spreadsheets, and email. On the other hand, EddyHR’s new PTO feature makes it incredibly easy to manage your employees’ extra Saturdays.

PTO means paid time off work. It can refer to separate policies depending on the type of time off (vacation, sick, or personal days off) or to a single policy that offers “personal time off” that can be used for anything. With a PTO policy, a company defines a number of days off that selected employees can use at a time of their choosing.

Now, you can do all of that (☝) using Eddy’s new Time Off feature. 

This new feature allows:

  • You to define and administer time off plans (PTO or vacation or sick policies)
  • Employees to request time off
  • Admins to approve/deny time off requests 
  • Admins to view detailed reports on time off usage and balances

If you’d like a bit more of a guide on how the PTO function works, give us a call or email any time, or check out our help center.

Above: To create a time-off policy, navigate to the "Time Off" tab and then click on the "Policies" page. From here you'll be able to add vacation or sick plans for your employees.

Better Onboarding with “New-Hire Packets”

We’ve made the complicated task of onboarding new hires easier than ever before by creating the ability to put together a new-hire packet for each employee. Each time you add a new employee, Eddy will prompt you to create a new-hire packet for them. 

A new-hire packet could include all of your signature requests and training tasks. You can (and probably should) also include a first-day message for your new hire. This message would spell out details like when to show up, where to show up, what to wear and where to park. Good stuff.

Our new “Onboarding” tab shows you a list of every new hire who has an upcoming start date This makes it simple to keep track of each new hire’s progress through their first day and any getting-started tasks you add. 

Above: Keep track of each new hire’s onboarding progress with Eddy. At a glance you can see each new hire’s start date and progress at completing getting-started assignments you define (such as filling out and signing in a W-4 and bringing in ID for Form I-9.

Super Easy As Usual

As you’ve come to expect out of Eddy, all of these new features are beautifully designed and simple to use. Sign in to Eddy, and have a look around. Feel free to reach out at any time by phone or email to ask questions or learn more about how to use these cool new features. Or you can check out the Eddy Help Center for a more thorough guide on how it all works.